Crafts Repairs MW

With his workshop where jewellery craft has been situated for over a hundred years, sits Marek Wiewiorowski and crafts on the old and the new. With more than 30 years of experience of shaping

Tou Scene

In the up and coming part of Stavanger, the East side, is Tou Scene, one of Norway’s most progressive and dynamic arenas for culture. The grand, majestic factory building creates a sharp contrast to the exclusive

Rogaland Teater

Rogaland Teater has a great reputation for investing in talented actors, producing innovative and bold theatrical words and having a highly capable children’s and youth theatre. The theatre produces classic plays

Bliss Art & Development

Combining art & development, led by Psychologist Stein-M.Jåtten. A space fusioning Art, Psyhology and Leadership development skills. It contains one of the country's major and eclectic Art collections.

Reedprojects Gallery

The gallery curated by Martin Reed, Shares a space which explores artist in different fields of graphical language in the world of contemporary art, focusing on work influenced by Street Art

Galleri Sult

Galleri Sult focuses on gallery exhibitions, decoration, graphics and rentable art. The gallery offers art nights, where members of art organisations and businesses get a chance to combine food and wine with art

Serendipity Studio

Alf Georg Tobiassen presents his imaginative photographic creations, with poetic observation on reflected structure. His work expresses itself as a process of the attention to detail

Galleri Gamle - Atelièr og Prikkeri

Local artist Ole-Marcus Torsnes runs the studio Galleri Gamle in the old part of Stavanger, where he exhibits his own and his friend Kristin Høiland’s works of art with a wish of creating liveliness in Old Stavanger


In th old quarter of the town, discover the hot oven and atmosphere that transport you threw a century threw its atmosophere and surrounding, with strong tradition in the craft of iron

Amare Gallery

betegnet som "en av de mest fremstående monumentale bygninger i Stavanger." Bygget har blitt erklært verneverdig på bakgrunn av sin arkitektoniske verdi, og som identitetsbærer for Stavanger bys befolknin