Ashley Studio

The young Japanese Norwegian Couple, have started this widrange photography and fine art studio in the mixed street of Pedersgate, which is constantly in progress and mutating.

Crafts Repairs MW

With his workshop where jewellery craft has been situated for over a hundred years, sits Marek Wiewiorowski and crafts on the old and the new. With more than 30 years of experience of shaping

Bevares Verneverksted for møbler

Bevares Verneverksted aims to preserve old furniture by restoring and redecorating pieces to give them a new and fresh look. At Bevares you can buy furniture or have your own old pieces remixed and customised to fit

Chr. Christensen Eftf.

A family run antiquarian with generatons of experience within craftmanship.They do furniture restoration, valuation and reparations, and in the ground-floor shop, sells art, little charming bits and pieces

Made with Hart

With an aim of continuing the tradition of first class modern shirts, Made with Hart offers tailored shirts for the traditional and perfectionist male fashionistas of Stavanger.