Fretex Stavanger

Go treasure hunting in the town center, the selection of mostly clothing and some objects and accesories. look threw history, styles and jump threw different decades. If you search something unusual and suprising...

Bevares Verneverksted for møbler

Bevares Verneverksted aims to preserve old furniture by restoring and redecorating pieces to give them a new and fresh look. At Bevares you can buy furniture or have your own old pieces remixed and customised to fit

Cafe Humbug

If the idea of a café filled with LPs for sale, visited by musicians and which arranges live concerts sounds tempting in your ears, a visit to Cafe Humbug will make you feel at home.

Løvås Bruktbua

Looking for something unknown, Bruktbua offers surprises on their bookshelf, find a treasure in a spontaneous way.

MaMi Open Mind

Mami Open Mind is located in a lovely cobbled side street in the Stavanger city centre and is a welcoming and warm café and bar, in a venue with dark wooden interior.Mami Open Mind is mainly a gay bar

Cafe Sting

Café Sting balances great culture with the joys of café life. The menu offers a wide range of foods, wines and cakes, which can be enjoyed in the trendy, yet homely premises, which also holds a gallery

Galleri Gamle - Atelièr og Prikkeri

Local artist Ole-Marcus Torsnes runs the studio Galleri Gamle in the old part of Stavanger, where he exhibits his own and his friend Kristin Høiland’s works of art with a wish of creating liveliness in Old Stavanger


In th old quarter of the town, discover the hot oven and atmosphere that transport you threw a century threw its atmosophere and surrounding, with strong tradition in the craft of iron

Bøker og Børst

The name says it all; if you enjoy the combination of reading a good book whilst having a quiet drink, Bøker og børst is the spot for you. The café is open every day of the week from 10am-2am