Tou Scene

In the up and coming part of Stavanger, the East side, is Tou Scene, one of Norway’s most progressive and dynamic arenas for culture. The grand, majestic factory building creates a sharp contrast to the exclusive

Rogaland Teater

Rogaland Teater has a great reputation for investing in talented actors, producing innovative and bold theatrical words and having a highly capable children’s and youth theatre. The theatre produces classic plays

Cafe Humbug

If the idea of a café filled with LPs for sale, visited by musicians and which arranges live concerts sounds tempting in your ears, a visit to Cafe Humbug will make you feel at home.


As a part of Folken, which is run by Stavanger’s student society, is Grottene, “the caves”, a smaller and more intimate venue for smaller bands, stand up comedy, theatre and meetings.


Folken is run by Stavanger’s student society, and is a place for everyone. If great concerts, cool people and chilled beer sound good to you, this is where to go.


Backstage is one of the late night bars in Stavanger that is open every day of the week, and better yet, hosts live concerts all seven days. It’s commonly known as the best spot in the city for live rock

Checkpoint Charlie

Alternative, underground and rock are the three best words that describe Checkpoint for those who want to stay and enjoy rock concerts by local artists or experience the one of a kind Stavanger humour at a stand up


Cementen offers a cultural and slightly alternative scene. It’s a great place whether you fancy a quiet pint in the afternoon or a party at night. The Cementen stage is the host of various events throughout the week

Bøker og Børst

The name says it all; if you enjoy the combination of reading a good book whilst having a quiet drink, Bøker og børst is the spot for you. The café is open every day of the week from 10am-2am