Ashley Studio

The young Japanese Norwegian Couple, have started this widrange photography and fine art studio in the mixed street of Pedersgate, which is constantly in progress and mutating.

Crafts Repairs MW

With his workshop where jewellery craft has been situated for over a hundred years, sits Marek Wiewiorowski and crafts on the old and the new. With more than 30 years of experience of shaping

Tou Scene

In the up and coming part of Stavanger, the East side, is Tou Scene, one of Norway’s most progressive and dynamic arenas for culture. The grand, majestic factory building creates a sharp contrast to the exclusive

Sabi Sushi

The international cuisines of Pedersgaten have a newcomer. Authentic Japanese culinary tradition is to be found at Sabi sushi. Sashimi, Nigiri, Maki, Tempura, Takumi, you name it. It’s all on Sabi’s varied menu

Gyldne lokker

At Gyldne Lokker in Nykirkebakken you can get a new hairdo with a clear conscience. The two women who run this hair salon have a strong focus on ecological and organic hair products.

Løvås Bruktbua

Looking for something unknown, Bruktbua offers surprises on their bookshelf, find a treasure in a spontaneous way.

Serendipity Studio

Alf Georg Tobiassen presents his imaginative photographic creations, with poetic observation on reflected structure. His work expresses itself as a process of the attention to detail


Whether you’re with friends or solo, Martinique bar welcomes you for a drink in homely surroundings any day of the week. Located in Pedersgaten, just outside of the city centre.