Cafe Sting

Café Sting balances great culture with the joys of café life. The menu offers a wide range of foods, wines and cakes, which can be enjoyed in the trendy, yet homely premises, which also holds a gallery with new exhibitions every month. On a sunny day, take a seat on the rooftop terrace or in the outside yard. Its location on Valberget, a historical hill in the Stavanger city centre, means a fantastic view of the Stavanger harbor. When visiting Sting for the first time, do not leave without a taste of its renowned chocolate cake.

Valberget 3
4006 Stavanger Norway
Phone: + (47) 9763 9918
Opening Hours:
Mon 2 Thurs:: 12:00 - 00:00
Fri 2 Sat ::  12:00 -02:00
Sun :: 15:00 -00:00