Cementen offers a cultural and slightly alternative scene with friendly doormans. It’s a great place whether you fancy a quiet pint in the afternoon or a party at night. The Cementen stage is the host of various events throughout the week; everything from jazz or punk rock concerts, to theatre performances and stand up comedy shows. During the weekend, the house DJs rule; smooth soul, funky beats and 60s pop tunes will get you dancing in no time. Cementen is also one of the few places in Stavanger that stays open every day of the year. There is a laidback dress code, and is also divided in two zones, depending if your in for a relaxed or more actionfilled state of mind.

Nedre Strandgate 25
4005 Stavanger, Norway
Phone: + (47) 51 56 78 00
Opening Hours:

Cementen Pub
Mon - Sun :: 22:00 - 03:30

May vary on concerts and special events