Gnu Bar

Gnu Bar prides itself on being the rock & roll bar of Stavanger. Here, you will find reasonable prices, friendly staff, foosball tables and on Fridays from 3pm, the famous Gnu-hotdogs. Gnu is not a late night bar, but stays open until 1.30am. However, it’s a great place to warm up and get your night started as it is surrounded by some of the city’s best nightclubs. With a fantastic view of the Stavanger harbour from the 2nd floor, enjoy your drinks in comfy sofas and casual surroundings. in winter also a great place for after ski warm ups.

Nedre Strandgate 23
4005 Stavanger
Phone: + (47) 51 53 18 00
Phone: + (47) 51 50 50 90
Opening Hours:
Saturday 2 Thurs: 17:00 - 01:30
Friday:  15:00 - 01:30