Tango bar og kjøkken

Tango is an Award winning gourmet restaurant, representing exquisite tastes from around the world, as well as Norwegian traditional plates. At Tango, you will experience some of the best cuisine that Stavanger has to offer, all in a warm environment. Yet, the simplistic interior space gives the restaurant a trendy and sophisticated look that goes hand in hand with the superb food and drinks. Do also visit the 3rd floor cocktail bar for a glass of champagne to go with the view of the Stavanger harbour. Tango is a popular restaurant, so table booking can come in handy.

Nedre Strandgate 25
4005 Stavanger, Norway
Phone: + (47) 51 50 12 30
Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri :: 17:00 - 01:30
Saturday :: 12:00 - 01:30